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How do you change a teen girls diaper

The same way you change a baby girl's diaper. But remember, if you'll be changing this girl for a while, then you might want to have some hair removed.
you have the teen girl lay down on her bed or any flat area .you then pull her pants down .next you unpin the cloth diaper and remove it. Next you clean her Virgina and butt with wipes, then you slide a dry diaper under her and bring it up and repin it. the pant are then pulled back over the diaper.
since most teen girls wear cloth diapers and plastic pants,the girl lays on her bed and the plastic pants are pulled down to her knees,the diaper unpinned and removed,she is cleaned then a dry cloth diaper is slid under her,brought up between her legs and pinned.the plastic pants are then pulled back up over the diaper.many catholic girls are put into cloth diapers and plastic pants when they are dressed for baptisms,first communions and confirmations.the diaper and plastic pants represents their purity and innocense of their baptism when they were babies.it is very common for teen girls to be diapered under their white confirmation dresses. or disable


My daughter is 16 and has cp and she is in cloth diapers and rubberpants.i change her just like you would a baby diaper.i use baby powder and lotion on her at each change.not only do i do the dry diaper,i do a clean pair of rubberpants over the diaper at each change.

My daughter is 17 and a bedwetter and wears a thick cloth diaper and rubber pants to bed every night.I put the diaper and rubber pants on her at bed time just like yuo do a baby.i powder her then pin the diaper on her then pull the rubber pants up her legs over the diaper.when she needs changing during the night i change her just like a baby is changed.

My daughter is 15 and wears a cloth diaper and rubber pants for her bedwetting and on the weekends,i change her just like a baby.she lays down and i pull her rubber pants down and unpin her wet diaper and remove it.i then wipe her off,slid the dry diaper under her.baby powder her them bring the diaper up and pin it.i then puull the rubber pants back up and she is good to go.

My daughter is 16 and also a bedwetter.she wears the size 8 pampers cruisers for teens with rubber pants over them at night.After i put them on her,i put another pampers on her nightstand and then get up during the night and change her.

We have a new adopted 14 year old daughter and put her into cloth diapers and plastic pants 24/7.I change her just like you would a baby,she lays down on her changing table or bed,i pull the plastic pants down,unpin the wet diaper,clean her with wet wipes,then slide a fresh diaper under her,apply baby powder,bring the diaper up and pin it then pull the plastic pants back up.

We have a newly adopted 13 year old daughter whom we have had for 2 months now and she has taken on the role of new baby in the family and she is in cloth diapers and rubberpants 24/7.She does her BM's in the toilet,but wets in her diapers.We change her just like a baby.We pull the rubberpants down,unpin the diapers and put them in her diaper pail,wipe her bottom with baby wipes,then slide the fresh diapers under her,then apply the diaper rash ointment and baby powder,then bring the diapers up and pin them,then pull the rubberpants back up over the diapers.

My 14 year old daughter was a flower girl in her neices wedding last month and since it was a catholic ceremony,it was to last over 3 hours,so i made her a cloth diaper to wear under her flower girl dress by sewing a package of the gerber flat cloth diapers together to make one diaper out of them.When i dresed her i pinned the diaper on her then put the white rubberpants on over it then her ruffled white tights on over them.She had an accident during the ceremony,so right afterwards,i took her to the nursery and took the wet diaper off of her,cleaned her up good,then re-applied the baby powder,then pulled the rubberpants and tights back up and she was good to go for the rest of the wedding.I t was cute seeing her at the wedding dance out on the dance floor and knowing she had the rubberpants on under her ruffled tights!

Our 14 year old daughter finially made her First holy communion last sunday may 15 and when we dressed her we put a dozen cloth diaper diapers on her with a pair of white adult size rubberpants over them that she wore under her poofy communion dress.For her party,we took the cloth diapers and rubberpants off of her and put a pair toddler size rubberpants on her to wear for the rest of the day.

Our 15 year old daughter is in cloth diapers and rubberpants at night and i change her diapers just like you would a baby.I use snap on rubberpants on her so i just unsnap the sides,bring the front down,unpin the diapers and remove them,then wipe her,then slide the dry diapers under her,rub on the desition,sprinkle on the baby powder,bring the diapers up and pin them then snap the rubberpants back on!

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