We requesting to you all, If you have cerebral palsy effected at home or you have itself cp, Then please send us your video & daily life story.we'll add this site.Email: mail47me@gmail.com or khalid46kk@hotmail.com


Lets we meet some special and strong mind people in the world.
Who never afraid any happens in life.

Hi Friends
My name is khalid khan.I am citizen of pakistan.
I am 32 years young and physically chellanged with severe cerebral palsy.I have disability from right hand and both legs.
I very wish that i make a site for about effected cerebral palsy peoples.
How those living with physically chellanges.
I am requsting to you all.If you have disability or you know any such person who have cerebral palsy.
Kindly send me about those  person information or videos.                          

My E-mail address: khalid46kk@hotmail.com
Skype : khalid45kk
Google Talk : mail47me
I will that information and videos add/annex in this site.. Thanks

Mr Tim Farrel
He was born 3 months premature and he developed cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia) and I was the one that was born without any issues.  The video is MrTim trying out some new orthotics he got for his shoes.

Lets we meet with a strong mind power man.Tommy Wood.
His fighting with own disability very well.he has a great soul and also he has good servant of God.

  Tommy Wood  from Salem, New Hampshire, USA, who has Spastic Diplegic Type Cerebral Palsy, only affecting both of his legs, necessitating him to require Loftstrand (Forearm) Crutches & who has to wear Plastic/Metal AFO Orthopedic Braces on both of his legs to be able to "stand & walk". "Tommy" is a graduate of Wentworth Institute in Boston, Massachusetts with a 4-year technical Bachelor of Science Degree in the field of Electronic Engineering Technology."

Now i want you meet with another young lady.
She has fighting with own disability very bravery of heart.

A little boy living with cerebral palsy. 

Mr Dave
He from Australia with Severe Cerebral Palsy. Besides his body, his speech is severely affected. All 4 limbs of his body are affected by CP.

Mr Seth
He lives in United States. He too has Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Quadroplegia, affecting all his limbs.

Mr Diego
with Spastic Diplegia affecting his legs. Diego is also Intellectually Disabled. He lives in Spain & is cared for by his family.

Do you have cerebral palsy &
any disability? Or in your family?
We are requsting to you all.
If you have disability or you know
any such person who have cerebral palsy.
Kindly send us about those person
information or videos. We'll add your
information within 24 hours.
Maybe your story read
any Doctor and They will take you best advice..
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