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Not all handicapped people are incontinent but it is common for individuals who have mental deficits to wear diapers. Physically handicapped individuals who have a lack of bowel and bladder control wear adult diapers and need caregivers to change them when the diaper is soiled. Changing an adult diaper is similar to changing the diaper of an infant. Maneuvering the adult so that you can accomplish the task in a hygienic manner is complicated, however, especially when the adult is wheelchair bound and is unable to assist you.

Step 1
Transfer the patient into a recumbent position onto a bed. If the patient is wheelchair dependent, lifting devices or transfer boards are available that will assist you in accomplishing this task safely.

Step 2
Spread the patient's legs, if possible, and undo the tabs in the front of the diaper by pulling up on them. This will release the front of the diaper and allow you to pull the front down and lay it on the bed. This will assist you in preventing the bed from becoming soiled.
Step 3
Use wipes to wipe the genital area clean. Be sure to wipe from top to bottom with each swipe and switch to a clean part of the wipe after each stroke. This technique will lessen the chance of contamination and a urinary tract infection from occurring.
Step 4
Roll the patient to his side when you feel that the genital area has been cleaned thoroughly. Fold the diaper under the patient's back, leaving the outside of the diaper touching his skin and the soiled part of the diaper unexposed.
Step 5
Roll the patient to his other side and wipe from the front genital area up to the patient's back, being sure to switch to a clean part of the wipe between each stroke. Slide the soiled diaper from under his back and dispose of it.
Step 6
Place the side of the opened new diaper under the patient's hip, making sure that the tabs are closest to the back. Spread the diaper down and make sure it is aligned correctly with his anal area before rolling the patient to his back.
Step 7
Roll the patient gently to his back and pull the front flap of the diaper between his legs. Check for proper placement around the genitals, pull up on the tabs and secure the flap with the tabs.


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