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How to Change an Adult's Diaper

Bladder control problems can cause an adult to wear an incontinence product such as an adult diaper. Often the patient is bedridden and needs assistance to change the garment once it is soiled. Here's how to change an adult's diaper

Chose a properly-sized adult diaper. There should be adequate room to close the diaper easily at the waist.

Unfasten the wet diaper on both sides.

Roll the patient gently to one side. Fold the diaper inward from the outside edge so the wetness is on the inside.

Roll the patient to the other side over the folded diaper as far as possible and gently pull the diaper out. If it does not come out easily, tuck as much diaper under him as possible and roll him again to the opposite side and then pull the diaper through from that side.

Use baby wipes or soap and water to thoroughly clean the diaper area. Dry well and use powder or lotion to protect the skin.

Roll the patient as far as possible to one side and slip a new diaper as far under him as possible, bunching half of the diaper against the patient.

Roll the patient gently back over the bunched-up part of the diaper and pull the diaper through. Be sure it is even on both sides, then fasten the diaper securely.


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