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What Are the Signs of Mental Retardation?

There are many signs of mental retardation.
For example, children with mental retardation may:

• sit up, crawl, or walk later than other children;
• learn to talk later, or have trouble speaking,
• find it hard to remember things,
• not understand how to pay for things,
• have trouble understanding social rules,
• have trouble seeing the consequences of their
• have trouble solving problems, and/or
• have trouble thinking logically.
About 87% of people with mental retardation
will only be a little slower than average in learning
new information and skills. When they are chil-
dren, their limitations may not be obvious. They
may not even be diagnosed as having mental
etardation until they get to school. As they
become adults, many people with mild retarda-
ion can live independently. Other people may not
even consider them as having mental retardation.
 The remaining 13% of people with mental
retardation score below 50 on IQ tests. These
people will have more difficulty in school, at
home, and in the community. A person with
more severe retardation will need more inten-
sive support his or her entire life.
   Every child with mental retardation is able
to learn, develop, and grow. With help, all
children with mental retardation can live a
satisfying life...


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