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Brain Tumor Treatment

 Treatment for a brain tumor requires a team of medical specialists. Most pediatric brain tumor patients require some combination of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Advancements in all three treatment areas in the last few decades have contributed to better outcomes.

The care of a child with a brain tumor is very complicated and requires close coordination between members of the medical team, which typically will include:

  • a pediatric neuro-oncologist (a doctor who specializes in treating cancers of the brain or spine)
  • a pediatric neurologist (a doctor who specializes in disorders of the nervous system)
  • a pediatric neurosurgeon (a surgeon who operates on the brain or spine)
  • a pediatric radiation therapist (a specialist who administers radiation therapy)
  • pediatric rehabilitation medicine specialists, including speech, physical, and occupational therapists
  • pediatric psychologists and social workers

These experts will choose a child's therapy very carefully. Finding a treatment that will be effective and cure the child but not cause unacceptable side effects is probably one of the most difficult aspects of treating brain tumors


Pediatric neurosurgeons are having more success than ever in helping to cure children with brain tumors, partly because of new technologies in the operating room and partly because it has been learned that an aggressive surgical approach at diagnosis can significantly increase the chance for cure.

Neurosurgeons may use stereotactic devices, which help target tumors by providing 3D images of the brain during surgery. Staged surgeries are also being used more frequently. This means that instead of trying to remove a large tumor all at once, surgeons will take out only part of the tumor at diagnosis. The patient will then get chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy to shrink the tumor and then return to the operating room a second or even a third time to try to remove the rest of the tumor.

After surgery, some patients may not require any more treatment beyond observation (periodic checkups and imaging scans to watch for problems). Many, however, will require radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of both.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy — the use of high-energy light to kill rapidly multiplying cells — is very effective in the treatment of many pediatric brain tumors. However, because the developing brain in children younger than 10 years old (and especially those younger than 5) is highly sensitive to its effects, radiation therapy can have serious long-term consequences. These may include seizures, stroke, developmental delays, learning problems, growth problems, and hormone problems.

The decision to use radiation therapy is, therefore, an especially challenging one regarding young children.

The methods for giving radiation therapy have changed significantly over the last several decades. New computer-assisted technologies allow doctors to construct 3D radiation fields that accurately target tumor tissue while avoiding injury to important brain structures like the hearing centers..


Chemotherapy (chemo) is the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. It is often given through a special long-lasting intravenous (IV) catheter called a central line, and may require frequent hospital stays.

Although chemotherapy has many short-term side effects (such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and hair loss), it has fewer long-term side effects than radiation therapy. Many children with brain tumors are treated with chemo in order to delay or avoid radiation treatment.

Unlike brain tumors in adults, many pediatric brain tumors are highly sensitive to the effects of chemo, so it is routinely used for many kids with brain tumors.


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Brain Cancer Treatment

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