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Fever is an unusually high body temperature, a thermometer is used to measure the body temperature, temperatures varies when taken in different part of the body, if it is taken in the rectum/anus the temperature is generally one degree higher than if the temperature is taken under the arm, on a degree lower. Pyrogen is a substance that induces fever or rise in the body temperature. Fever is not a disease but symptoms of another sickness. During a fever, the body requires extra energy, which it generates by muscular activity in the form of shivering and by metabolizing (chemically breaking down) proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals at a faster rate than normal.

Body Temperature if there is fever:

100°Fahrenheit (37.8° C), taken orally, indicates a mild fever.
100° to 103°F (37.8° to 39.4°C) taken orally, indicates a moderate fever.
104°F (40°C) taken orally, indicates a high fever.
110°F. (43.3°C), this is the uppermost limit of the human body, this kind of fever is extremely rare.

Types of Fever

  • Continued Fever - the temperature remains above normal for long period of time.
  • Intermittent Fever - type of fever wherein body temperature periodically rises and falls.
  • Relapsing Fever - type that recurs sometimes a number of times, several days after the temperature has returned to normal.

Stages of Fever:

  • In the first stage of fever also known as the invasion period the patient will experience chill, loss of appetite, and headache. Chill occurs, occurs because of the tightening of blood vessels near the skin.
  • In the next stage, the body is hot and flushed, the skin dry, and the pulse and respiration are rapid. The patient will experience thirst and he/she will feel restless. In high fever, delirium and convulsions may occur.
  • In the final stage before returning to normal, the temperature falls, breathing and pulse slow down, and the skin becomes moist. The patient often sweats.


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