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Causes Diabetes

Over 16 million people in US alone are affected by this dreaded condition, and all almost end up asking the same question-"what causes diabetes". 

Well the answer is not definite, as the there can be a number of reasons responsible for this disease. Every year new research is conducted, and every year new causes can be found responsible for diabetes. 

Although there are many known factors which are directly responsible for causing this problem, which could be controlled by making correct lifestyle decisions. 

Before a person is diagnosed with diabetes, there is a stage which is called pre-diabetes. Making good lifestyle choices at this stage is very important in controlling the condition, and from contracting full blown diabetes. There are certain symptoms which occur, when you must get your self checked for a pre-diabetes condition. 

These are mainly-feeling hungry all the time, thirsty, tiredness, fatigue and having difficulty seeing or blurred vision. If a person is experiencing any of these symptom, then they should immediately get themselves checked by a physician for any pre-diabetic condition. 

There are many causes for diabetes, but the main controllable factor is obesity. A person who exercises regularly and keeps his weight under check has a far less chance of having this condition than a person who is overweight. There are some other reasons as well, which we will study below- 

Type 1 Diabetes 

This kind of diabetes strikes mostly men, and may have little bit of genetic factor involved in them. This basically happens when the pancreas stops producing any insulin in the body. Sometimes due to a severe illness in childhood or early youth, the cells in the pancreas can get attacked by the immune system, causing a insulin deficiency, which ultimately leads to this situation. 

Type 2 Diabetes 

This condition is more or less caused by genes, mainly by passing them onto there kids. Although this does not mean that every parent who has diabetes will pass it on to his children. This condition can be very much controlled and in a lot of cases even delayed indefinitely, by causing good lifestyle changes. 

Some important lifestyle changes that can help you control this condition or even prevent it from appearing are: 

-Controlling high blood pressure 

-Keeping your weight under check

What is Diabetes Treatment


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