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How to identify a mentally retarded child?

Mental retardation is treated with test that assess the child in various areas, including social, adaptive and intellectual abilities. However parents can identify the problem with the following signs:

They are slow in things like walking, crawling and stammer while communicating

Difficulty in eating
Unable to learn fast
Doesn’t follow basic instructions
Appears to be lost in his own world
Incapable of making simple decisions
They also face certain difficulties in functions and daily activities, which include communication, participation in activities, taking care of one self and being unaware of personal health and safety.

Mental retardation can be severe, moderate or mild. Children with such problems were called ’slow’ or ‘retarded’ but the society being sensitive towards disabilities, evolved a better way to address these children – ‘mentally handicapped’ and ‘intellectually impaired’.

Mentally retarded children are not sick, they are generally healthy, endearing little ones, who take longer to do things. But letting a parent know that his/her child is mentally retarded is a painful shocking, and difficult task.


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