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Severe CP in Children

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Some of the various types and conditions of Cerebral Palsy 
( photographs were taken between 2004 and 2011 )

Boy with spastic cerebral palsy who
 can often with help stand and walk.
He makes sounds but does not talk.
Intelligent youth having
severe spastic paraplegia.
 He sits in a wheelchair and
 passes urine into a leg bag.
After several years treetment 
he can now walk with help.

Boy with cerebral palsy and
moderately impaired intellect.
He has, with assistance, begun 
to attempt walking and talking

A spastic quadriplegic invalid
 with severe brain damage and
profound mental handicap.
Caring for someone with c p
like this can be very difficult.

Teenager with a mixed type of 
cerebral palsy, paralysed legs,
and mildly athetoid upper body.

This moderately intelligent but 
severely spastic boy has quadriplegic 
cerebral palsy caused by a brain injury
 suffered around the time of birth.
He is likely always to need 24/7 care, 
and will probably never manage to 
walk, talk, wash, dress or feed himself.

An athetoid spastic quadriplegic 
boy who learns to walk or talk.
With exercise and therapy he can
expect to make good progress.

This teenager has spastic diplegia
and near normal intelligence.
With continuing treatment his 
physical condition will improve.

Intelligent German youth having 
athetoid spastic quadriplegia.
He has severely impaired speech, 
  extensive rigidity and frequent
 spasm of arms, hands, and legs.
He is confined to a wheelchair.

A boy living in Ukraine 
who has spastic paraplegia 
badly affecting both legs.
After physiotherapy he can
 now walk a short distance
 without any help, holding 
 a Rollator walking frame
 with front wheels.

A mentally backward boy having mild
cerebral palsy and a history of epilepsy.
He has been taught to walk a little, 
but he does not talk, and is incontinent.

This intelligent Russian boy
aged about 16 cannot talk and 
has severe spastic quadriplegia.
He will benefit from learning to
use a suitably adapted computer 
to communicate, although this
will be difficult and slow.

Ukrainian youth having 
 flaccid cerebral palsy with
weakness of arms and legs.

Typical posture of a severely
athetoid spastic quadriplegic
boy lying on his back and
having constant involuntary, 
uncoordinated movement.
( c p textbook illustration )

A 28 years old severely athetoid spastic
quadriplegic man living in Vietnam.
He is alert, aware, and of normal intelligence
but has very little control of his limbs,
cannot speak clearly, and remains incontinent.
He is unlikely ever to achieve independence
and presently resides in a small hospital.

I am very Thankful to Mr David Nichols, who share that so useful information and photograghs.


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