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Successful aging

Maintaining social networks, friendships and other relationships
becomes increasingly difficult as we age and our peer group
dwindles in size. Often, a buffer to these losses is having children
or a spouse with whom we increasingly develop an interdependent
relationship. Unfortunately, many adults with cerebral palsy are less
likely to have married and have had children - the very people who
otherwise would be able to assist them and offer informal supports.
For persons who also have mobility and/or speech difficulties, this
isolation can be very difficult because many adults have not been
able to develop social networks outside of their immediate family.
Getting older also has an effect on vocational identities and plans
for life following retirement. It contributes additional stressors to
physical abilities and raises concerns about abilities to maintain
health and maintain social relationships. It may also open up
problems related to neglect or abuse - particularly among older
adults with no sustainable social support structure  - and make
unresolved fears of the future more apparent.
With the absence of adequate role models for successful aging
among adults with cerebral palsy, one potential consequence can
be the adoption of a personal strategy of denial. For example, if we
deny that in the future we can be adversely affected (that is, we will
have diminished capacities), we are less likely to engage in
behaviors that promote health and well-being, and even worse, we
may engage in risk-taking behaviors. Another potential
consequence can be “learned helplessness.” In this instance, if we
believe that no matter what we do our actions will not alter the
outcome, we become at-risk for depression and sometimes suicide.
Thus, aging among adults, whose psychosocial functioning may 

already be disrupted or dysfunctional due to lifelong disability and
for whom few or no role models exist for successful aging, may
result in a risky “old ager.”

What are some of the areas that are impacted by aging within the
realm of personal effectiveness? These areas can include
responsibilities related to parenting, work and retirement, and living
independently. Some areas of concern that are also impacted are
issues of personal integrity (or abuse), passing (or not being
identified as different), and fears of the unknown.


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