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How To Choose And Use A Wheel Chair

What is a wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a chair with wheels that is used to move a person who is not able to walk. Wheelchairs are either manual, or powered by a battery. A manual wheelchair can be pushed by someone or moved by rolling the wheels with your hands. Other wheelchairs have a battery-powered motor that moves the chair.

Why do need a wheelchair  ? 

You may need a wheelchair for a short time or for the rest of your life. Wheelchairs can help you to continue doing activities you enjoy doing. A wheelchair can give you more freedom to do things on your own, such as carrying items from place to place. A wheelchair may help you do more activities if you have had trouble walking. Wheelchairs may also help you to save your strength and energy if you are injured. Your caregiver may want you to use a wheelchair if:

  • You have had an illness or injury that does not allow you to walk.
  • You are too weak to walk long distances.
  • You are recovering from surgery.

What are the different kinds of wheelchairs?

Manual wheelchair: Manual wheelchairs are best for a person with a strong and mobile (movable) upper body (arms, shoulders, back and trunk). There are many different styles of manual wheelchairs. These different styles make it easier to find a chair that meets your needs. Some wheelchairs are very light and some are very heavy. Light wheelchairs are easy to fold and put into a car. They are also easy to move. A heavy wheelchair might be more comfortable for a bigger person than a light wheelchair. Some wheelchairs have parts that can be moved, removed, or changed to fit your needs.

Battery-powered wheelchair:

Some people are not able to move themselves and need a battery-powered wheelchair. The wheelchair batteries are charged at night so that you have enough power to use the chair the next day. There are many different styles of battery-powered wheelchairs. Some wheelchairs can be used on different ground surfaces such as pavement, dirt, and sand. Some battery-powered wheelchairs can be used to climb steps, or raise a person to reach objects.

Battery-powered wheelchairs may have a switch that moves the wheelchair, or a mouthpiece may be used if you cannot use your hands. The wheelchair moves by puffing into, or sipping on the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece may be attached to a tube which is connected to the motor. Another type of battery-powered wheelchair can be moved with a chin device. This chin device may be attached to an arm of the wheelchair that is connected to the battery cable.

What kind of wheelchair should I use?

Because people have different physical (FIZ-i-kal) and personal needs, it is important to choose a wheelchair that is right for you. Special caregivers who are familiar with the different types of wheelchairs can help you choose one. These special caregivers may include physical therapists (THER-ah-pists) and occupational (ok-u-PAY-shun-al) therapists. The wheelchair should meet your physical needs and your lifestyle. Think about features of the wheelchair that you want and need. This will help to make sure that the wheelchair you buy will be right for you..


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